Light / $1399

• 7 minute reel

This allows coverage of the entire day compressed into a digestible 7 minute reel.

A cinematic music video. Perfect for a small to mid sized wedding or simply a memory jog after 5, 10 or 50 years of marriage.

Sequence 05.Still001.jpg

Standard / $1749

• 7 Minute reel + speeches

The entire day is paced evenly across a 7 minute highlight reel with speech highlights.

A second edit with all speeches is provided.

You will relive the entire day and hear those familiar voices years to come.

Jeff & Jess Montebello-7279.jpg

Bold / $2150

• 10 minute reel + speeches & guest testimonials

A longer edit allowing moments to linger just long enough, yet still encompasses the entire day in an entertaining clip for all.

In two additional edits you receive:
(1) all speeches and (2) guest interviews.

Share your story on social media, and keep the more intimate conversation with family and friends for yourselves.

L.A. San Fran-4666.jpg

Hollywood / $2649

• 10 minute reel + speeches & guest testimonials + All other footage

This lengthy edit is as much style as substance. 10 minutes of the day is edited entertainingly with your speeches woven through music.

In three additional edits you receive:
(1) speeches (2) guest testimonials and (3) all extra footage.

The extra footage is documentary style. Meaning it has a little music, and mostly natural audio of the day. Hear your family, and guests, and get a behind the scenes look at your day.

This package contains the good, the best and all the happy accidents seamlessly sewn together.


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