What we do.

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We tell stories.

Why we do it.

 Video used effectively can have a powerful impact. We understand video, and can develop, guide, and execute your project from the first steps to the last. It’s our passion.



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Concept Design. creating your vision

The best thing for us to do is to sit down and discuss your ideas, your wants, your needs. What are we creating? Why are we creating it? To get the most of your investment, we need to check a few boxes and share a vision.

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Production. giving your story life

Every project is different. Shooting an idea can take one hour, or one week. We put our planning to the test using the latest gear until we’ve covered all our bases. The goal is to have entertaining, creative, and most importantly, effective video content.

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Results. building and implementing

The chunks of captured video get reorganized and meticulously stitched together. We creatively control colour, audio, graphics, and pacing of the video. The final product is delivered, uploaded and shared to your viewers.